The R-word

It took until game 29, but it finally happened: we were rained out in Baltimore. To make matters worse, our alternative destination of Detroit was also rained out. While a tiny part of us could take solace that it wasn’t our fault for making the wrong choice, the majority of us was focused on figuring out how to keep the dream of 30in30for30 alive.

Sunday’s games:

  • Detroit vs Chicago- 1:05pm
  • Baltimore vs Cleveland- 1:05pm
  • Baltimore vs Cleveland- 7:05pm (makeup)

Our solution: 

  1. Drive 8 hours to Detroit
  2. See Comerica and the game for 2.5 hours
  3. Drive another 8 back to Baltimore
  4. See Camden and the last 1.5-2 hours of the game
  5. Drive 11 hours back home to Chicago
  6. Tim goes to work, Brian drops off the rental

It isn’t optimal but, more importantly, it’s possible: 28 hours of driving in 35 hours to make 30in30for30 a reality.

We’ll keep you posted throughout this crazy final day of our journey. Here’s to the beginning!

Brian & Tim

Trip Stats as We Pass 50% Complete!

To celebrate the completion of our 16th game (Houston), Numbers Guy is back to give you some stats from the trip thus far!

Driving Stats
9,437 miles
– 590 miles/game
137.5 hours
– 8.5 hours/game

Sleep Stats
– 80 hours
– 5 hours/game
– 8 games with 3 hours of sleep or less
– 98 hours
– 6 hours/game
– 6 games with 3 hours of sleep or less

Baseball Stats
Attendance Stats
Total Attendance: 457,508
Average Attendance: 28,594
Attend - Game 16

Game Stats
Team Stats - Game 16
Order - Game 16
Position - Game 16

We’ll publish more stats as we go, but we hope this will satiate most of your nerd desires for now!

~ Tim & Brian