Game Twenty Recap: Nationals Park

We recap out night in the capital, as well as our adventures finding the DC sign and out thoughts about the Presidents’ Race


~Brian & Tim

One thought on “Game Twenty Recap: Nationals Park”

  1. Finally catching up on your recap of Nats park. Very fair. As for the Presidents race, it is usually themed for the event of the day so since it was Ladies Night, they inserted Martha to complete the lady theme. Indeed it is very farcical but the kids (and adults) find it entertaining to see how it will end or how the theme will be used.

    It looks like you also figured out that Taft was the missing President of the 5. Here is a good article on why he was chosen. In short they wanted to avoid any controversy on any more recent presidents plus he was the first President to throw out the first ball at any game!

    I am enjoying keeping up on your travels. I can’t believe you made it to Cooperstown too!! My son and I are planning to go there this summer as we haven’t even made it there yet!!

    Safe travels and good weather over this last week.

    John @JMUJOHN


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