Game Twenty Three Preview: Rogers Centre 

We’ve made it across the border! We preview game 23 of our trip, the first day of summer AND Fathers’ Day. The roof is open and the people are friendly. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, especially ours!

~Brian & Tim

2 thoughts on “Game Twenty Three Preview: Rogers Centre ”

  1. Saw you guys on MLBNetwork and wanted to see if you ventured North of the border. I live in Toronto and the Rogers Centre is definitely not my fav ballpark. It doesn’t have the feel of a ballpark. I guess it’s unique, nonetheless. Interesting imitation of a Canadian accent, haha. Funnily enough, living in Toronto, I have never heard anyone pronounce “about”, “aboot”. I cannot figure out to this day, where that came from!

    Just wanted to say I’m incredibly jealous of your baseball adventure – I’m a massive baseball fan and always wanted to do something similar. Enjoy what’s left of your trip! Safe travels. And, Go Jays Go!


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