Q and A!

With a long drive ahead of us, we asked for some questions from you guys, and boy did you ever ask!

We were able to fit in about 15 questions, please enjoy our answers!


~Brian & Tim

4 thoughts on “Q and A!”

  1. Tim – I could not understand your favorite ball park. What was it? Also, the Dodgers have the worst food?!?!? The Dodger Dog is iconic. “Dodger Dogs to Fenway Franks”. It is part of a title of a book. Ah come on.


  2. What’s the cost of the rental car for a total of 30 days w/ unlimited mileage? Did you all get any sponsors for the trip?


  3. Related questions – have you ever been to Dyersville Iowa and Field of Dreams? Then, of course, what is your favorite baseball movie?


  4. To be fair Wrigley does not have good food haha.
    Also yay for answering my _real question_ about the high fives 😛


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