Brian and Tim are lifelong friends who grew up in the Chicago Suburbs.  They parted way in college (Tim to the north in Wisconsin, and Brian to the south at Illinois) but both moved to the Chicago after college for their work.  Brian is a high school music teacher, and Tim works in finance for the Walgreen company.

Since they could drive, both have talked about the uniquely American experience of a roadtrip. For the past few years, they have tried to plan a roadtrip around their shared passion: baseball.  As both turned 30 this spring, it seemed too perfect of a chance to miss: 30 games, in all 30 stadiums, in just 30 days, for their 30th.  The ultimate baseball roadtrip.

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Guys,
    I just started following you guys. This is such an awesome trip. I love it!!! I will check in every day


  2. We parked next to your dad at The Cell on June 8th and just happened to be going to Busch Stadium tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll see you guys there.


  3. Guys this is awesome. I just got back from doing something similar in Californian and Arizona. I have 18 of the 30 down. Would love to talk about how you planned this. If you can e-mail me anytime.



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