Game Thirty: Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Yes, this is our last recap, but is certainly not our last post/video. We have:

– Ballpark rankings to discuss.

– Frankenstein Ballparks to create.

– More stories and adventures from the road.

Thanks everyone for following along thus far!

~Brian & Tim

3 thoughts on “Game Thirty: Oriole Park at Camden Yards”

  1. For a great book about the construction of Camden Yards find a copy of Ballpark The Making of Camden Yards and the American Dream by Peter Richmond. Goes through how the Orioles basically beat the architects into submission after the first rendering was a carbon copy of the New Comiskey. Coined the phrase “Eternaramps” to describe Comiskey’s endless and ugly exit ramps. Includes the role of a virtual walk on, Janet Smith, who changed how ballparks looked for the next two decades.

    Congrats again. Thanks for using my line about Periscoping the rental car return ( at least post the story.) Look forward to more soon.


  2. Congrats on getting to all the parks in 30 days! I’ve been following your trip since day 1 and it was a blast. I was watching the O’s game last night and for the first time in my life I was cheering for a MLB game to be the longest in history! I’ve been to 6 parks and have plans to see the rest over the next 10 yrs. Thanks for taking the time & sharing all this content with other fans.


  3. Thanks 30in30for30, Brian and Tim. I hAve enjoyed following you all along the way. First thing I did every morning was check your tweets and emails…going to feel lost now. Get some much needed rest and enjoy the rest of your summer. Oh, and the most important part, you both seem to be even better “best” friends after your trip of a lifetime.


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