Game Two Recap: Coliseum

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for finding the blog, please enjoy the video we made reviewing O.Co in Oakland. This is game 2 of 30, in our quest to see 30 games in 30 days. Thanks again for all of your support, online and in person.  It is so great to meet and interact you!

~ Brian & Tim

One thought on “Game Two Recap: Coliseum”

  1. You basically covered the best part about the Coliseum: the support of the fans. I don’t know how much you’d heard of the bleacher fans but that’s part of why I was hoping you’d choose the bleachers, because it’s fun to be close to the flag-waving, the chanting, and so on.

    As for the scoreboards, yes – they’re new. They were just installed shortly before the start of the season after the A’s spent around $10 million for the upgrades, fitting the shape of the existing scoreboards with the new screens. The old ones were so outdated, they were even having trouble getting any parts/bulbs/whatever to repair them. If you look up something like “Oakland Coliseum Scoreboards” you’ll come across a number of examples for the old look. For that matter, look up “Old Oakland Coliseum” and you’ll see how it was before “Mount Davis” was built.

    Enjoy the rest of your lengthy trip.


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