6 thoughts on “Game Two Preview: O.Co Coliseum”

  1. Sat in front of you guys at the A’s game. Good luck on your journey. Nice to meet some nice guys doing something fun. A’s beat Yankees ! Woohoo

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  2. You didn’t get a chance to enter the stadium from the BART station. Barbed wire lining the walkway, really adds to the concrete feel….


  3. Hi guys- saw a tweet from MLB about your journey, so I’m going to follow the whole thing with you. My and my friends started doing the same thing in pieces years ago, and I’ve personally been to 32 ballparks. Yeah I know, more stadiums than teams, but I’ve been to 2 Yankee Stadiums, 2 Mets stadiums, Pittsburgh, Philly, etc. That being said, yes Oakland is a major dump. We sat 10 rows off the field, and because of the EXPANSIVE foul territory we were maybe 200 feet from the infield. You will have fun today in San Fran. They have great FOOD!! Only ballpark I have ever had clam chowder in a bread bowl. Bring your jackets though, it gets cold!!


  4. Hi my name is Jake Santos, Im a producer at Fox Sports San Diego and I would like to do an Interview with you guys when your here at Petco Park Tuesday June 2nd. Is there another way to contact you guys to set this up. Let me know if your interested. my email is listed below.


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