Clouds, Cold, and Cowboys

We intentionally planned to tackle the toughest drive first and boy, were we right to do so. Minnesota brought persistent rain and annoying stretches of construction. The rain stretched into and throughout North Dakota, but the construction was replaced with a surprising coldsnap. When we set out in 80 degree weather in Illinois, we most certainly hadn’t anticipated mid-40s just a handful of hours later. All of this was in addition to the stark and unremarkable (read: boring) landscape of both states.

We’re now in Montana, where we’ll spend as much time driving as we did in Minnesota and North Dakota combined. No sooner had we cross the state line when we saw a group of actual cowboys. The weather has warmed, the landscape has become interesting, and the clouds have all but evaporated. Things are looking up. Until we realize that we’re only about halfway to Seattle.

Brian brought a sleeping mask and slept for 5 hours. Tim did not and slept for 2 hours. The outlet adapter, which is a fairly important lynchpin in the ability to work remotely, has already burnt out.

Some ups, some downs, a lot of average. Perfect symmetry for a baseball trip. Oh, and some really weird goose statue.

     ~ Brian and Tim

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