And So It Begins!

We are officially on the road!!

Left Chicago this evening, proceeded to hit several stores to pick up some last minute items, and now we’re cruising through Wisconsin en route to Seattle.  Just think: in 24 hours… we’ll still have 3 more hours of driving left.  Whoa.

But do not fret, we’re crisscrossing the nation in style in our silver 2015 Hyundai Sonata; surprisingly roomy and came with XM radio.  We have more technology running through cigarette lighters than should be humanly possible.  Brian came prepared with Game of Thrones on tape, as well as lingual courses in Spanish, French, and German… so dass wir tatsächlich etwas lernen.

It’s pitch black, so no fun pics just quite yet.  Well, that’s not entirely true…
Starting Line

We’ll try to post some vids later.  Make sure to check out our tweets for more up to the minute information.  Here’s to the journey ahead!

~ Brian and Tim

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