Game Ten Recap: Target Field

Well, we broke our streak of “one-take” videos. Hopefully we’ll start another streak tomorrow, in the meantime please enjoy our celebration of National Best Friend Day.

Brian & Tim

4 thoughts on “Game Ten Recap: Target Field”

  1. I love starting my day with these recap videos. I find the 7th inning stretch interesting too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m looking forward to the next twenty parks.


  2. I had no idea Shawn (Sean?) was in the back seat. Suddenly this face materializes out of the darkness. . .
    Tim do you really think you will get out of work with only a half day??? Not likely.


  3. This is awesome I’m going to post your adventure to my Facebook page with your permission.Lets grab a beer when you get to Baltimore. Drive safe


  4. Had I know they were taping I would’ve tried to avoid that terrifying moment. Staring at the camera from the back seat was generally creepy enough… popping up out of no where seems almost cruel.


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