Game Four Recap: Petco Park

As we turn in for a much, much needed night of sleep, here’s our recap of Petco Park.  I think we nearly broke Tim with this one.  Enjoy!

~ Brian & Tim

2 thoughts on “Game Four Recap: Petco Park”

  1. Better lighting although Tim alternated between an Afro (facing front) and a Mohawk when he turned to the left. Brian and the Giant Hand, whenever he held up his right hand the shadow took over the car. Thanks for taking the cord away! Shout out to Ryan!


  2. I could not agree more with the disjointedness of the stadium. When I first visited Petco, I was confused. It seemed like a big jumble of random buildings brought together to make a unique park. I was not a fan of the architecture. The stadium experience and surrounding area was great.


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