Game Three Recap: AT&T Park

As we streak down the California Coast towards San Diego, we recorded our quick recap of game three. We tried a new lighting technique for the night, hope you enjoy!

~Brian & Tim

4 thoughts on “Game Three Recap: AT&T Park”

  1. I vote to try something else with the lighting. It looked like Brian was wearing one of those big fuzzy Russian hats. And the cord is now across his face. But good recap, keep ’em coming.


  2. Petco Park tips:

    * check out the sandbox area behind CF, and the wiffleball field behind that.
    * go to the top of the Western Metal Supply Building (if you can) to see the view of the field from there. The team shop should still be on the bottom floor and another floor had stuff like a Tony Gwynn Gold Glove and things like that when I was last there.
    * go in through the main entrance – there’s a nice little waterfall that runs along the stairs up
    * if you can, find the “PETA Brick” around the LF entry area. More here:

    Petco Park is, in my opinion, an underrated and excellent ballpark.


  3. I’m sad you guys came through my area and I wasn’t able to get to the games. Glad the Giants and A’s treated you well, and the weather was agreeable. A group of my coworkers went Friday night and sat in the CF Bleachers. Said it was a wind tunnel and they were miserable…But we’re spoiled Californians when it comes to weather.

    Looking forward to following the rest of the trip. I’ve been to 18 current stadiums, so I’ll try to throw advice that I can remember (most of it food related) when it comes up.

    Get Fish Tacos in San Diego.
    Hit a Happy Hour in the Gaslamp District pregame.


  4. Enjoy San Diego fellas! Looks like tomorrow could be a day to see the sites in the LA area. As I’m sure you are aware, Disneyland is across the street from the “Big A”. I offer this advice, DO NOT ride the flume water ride at Disney! Nothing is worse than having to walk around a baseball game all night with wet underwear! Look for some Hollywood Stars too. We saw the Red Sox in Anaheim, and saw Matt Damon at the game. Maybe a Famous Mets fan will be in the house.


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