There and Back Again…

Hard to believe we have less than a month until we hit the road on our cross-country adventure.  Speaking of cross-country, what better time to provide some more specifics about the journey!

Before you peruse, a couple quick clarifications:

  • “Drive Time” is calculated based on Google Maps, rounded up
  • “Time Btwn” is the time between the prior game ending and current game beginning (assumes 4 hour game duration + Drive Time)

City Schedule CST4

Other Stats:

  • Total trip distance: 14,228 miles
  • Total trip time (60 mph): 237 hrs 8 min
  • Average trip distance: 474 miles
  • Average trip time (60 mph): 7 hrs 54 min

Baseball Teams Seen Most:

  • NY Mets: 4
  • Chi White Sox: 3 (coincidence?)
  • StL Cardinals: 3
  • Cin Reds: 3
  • TB Rays: 3
  • Bal Orioles: 3
  • LA Dodgers: 3

Other Planned Baseball-related Stops:

  • Baseball Hall of Fame – Cooperstown, NY
  • Louisville Slugger Museum – Louisville, KY

Wow.  Where do we begin?  While the 30 hour drive to Seattle should be fun, the tightest turnaround in the whole trip coming directly after should be even moreso!  Be sure to leave your comments, but be prepared to feel the wrath of “Numbers Guy” if you criticize this masterpiece.

~ Brian and Tim

Our Epic Adventure at Filmmaking

Hello Everyone,

As we begin to gear up for the trip (only a month away!?!?), we recorded a video that we’re sending to a few companies in the hopes that they join us on our trip and maybe help us out with some trip expenses. It was a fun evening of shooting on the lakefront, albeit not very entertaining to the viewer.

But because of amazing acting prowess, we did manage to amass some quality bloopers.  This will probably be your best bet.

Enjoy them!

~Brian and Tim

The Trip of A Lifetime

Welcome to the first post on our wonderful Website.

First things first, who are we?
We are Brian and Tim.  We live in Chicago and have been best friends for as long as we can remember.  For those of you that know us, our deepest apologies.  For those of you that do not, hello and welcome to our adventure!

Brian (left) and Tim (right)
Brian (left) and Tim (right)

What adventure?
Glad you asked.  If the title and/or URL of this site didn’t already give it away, here are the highlights:

  • We both turn 30 this year (2015)
  • There are 30 MLB teams
  • We like baseball and wanted to take a baseball roadtrip

… and that’s about it.  We’re doing it.  30 games in 30 days:  1 game a day in a new stadium, and yeah, we’re driving everywhere.

Holy #*$%.  What does that look like?
303030 map new

We’ll be sure and post details as they come, but we have the most important things:

  1. The Will
  2. The Time Off of Work (probably should have been listed first…)
  3. The Map

Here’s to a great summer, a great year, and hoping we don’t kill each other.

~ Brian and Tim